One-Trick Pony: Some thoughts on Prezi

Prezi is an interesting application that works great for creating dynamic presentations with minimal effort. They can be embedded just about anywhere online and even played entirely offline through self-contained apps. This way a presentation could be easily loaded from a thumb drive and played on any system with or without the Prezi app installed.

The native toolset it better fitted to a more traditional slideshow structure. In working on a project for Wheaton College I pushed the limits of what the program was capable of but in so doing learned to navigate some of its intricacies.

All in all I think that the development of the tool has been limited relative to its possibilities. The product is aimed at people with minimal experience outside of traditional, dry, Power Point presentations. If the toolset were opened up so as to allow more experimentation, allowing designers to push what the framework is capable of, it would be a more useful product. As it is I don't see myself utilizing this one-trick pony much further in the future.