Garnet Valley School District

Illustration | Animation | VO | Music

Working from a script provided by the district, I created and animated the visual sketchnotes style elements and provided the narration and music.

AFN Logistics

Motion Graphics | Editing | Music

AFN contracted me to help create a short explainer video, utilizing clean graphics, bold text, and subtle animation to bring clarity to the complex topic of Mode Optimization.

Lakeshore Beverage

Illustration | Animation | Sound Design

3 Sheeps Brewing Violence of the Lambs was created for the purposes of promoting the eponymous Halloween event. The 10 minute short film that resulted was much more than any of the involved parties expected.

I handled every aspect of the production, from script, to asset creation, to sound design.

For other events, in addition to printed posters, animated web graphics were created for use in email newsletters and on social media.