Third Coast Coding

Chicago based web and business infrastructure firm Third Coast Coding specializes in financial markets and business solutions. The lighthouse design was chosen for its representation of a guiding light, illuminating the shoreline for ships adrift in choppy waters.

SOZO Running

SOZO is a clothing brand specializing in compression running socks sold for the benefit of the Cancer to 5K running program. Founded by a cancer survivor, the logo is meant to communicate the difficult yet hopeful journey that is recovering from a devastating disease.


Dorr Law Firm

I was approached by a lawyer who was in the process of starting his own firm. In collaborating with the client we hit upon the ideals he wanted to bring to his practice. Being focused in family law, divorces and disputes, we hit upon a simple monogram design which featured an uppercase "D" and "L" and a distinct "knot" element.


Nurturing the Nest

A postpartum Doula and early parenting support service based in Wisconsin. The service aims to support new mothers with physical, emotional, and spiritual support to new mothers and their families.


Scapi Magazine

An Chicago-based online arts publication with features on local arts and community activism.


Kijani Forests for Change

Kijani, which means "green" in Swahili, is an NGO focused on supporting reforestation projects in Kenya through the purchase of small saplings for your home. In addition to the logo I created spot illustrations for the website.


Assure Hire

A background-screening start-up which seeks to add a bit more human to human


The Layman's Guide to Beer

A beer culture website and blog with an emphasis on not being craft beer snobs, but rather good beer enthusiasts.