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5 Rabbit Cervecería, Bedford Park, IL
One City Films, Chicago, IL

In June of 2015, then presidential candidate Donald Trump made statements labeling Mexican immigrants as criminals and rapists.

5 Rabbit Cervecería, a Latin-inspired and Latin-owned craft brewery, had been contracted to brew the house beer for a bar in the Chicago Trump Tower.

They were disgusted, incensed, and rightfully angry. Despite the great financial risk for the small company, 5 Rabbit ended their business relationship with Trump Tower, leaving them with a large quantity of brewed beer with no buyer.

Calling up every friendly bar and restaurant they explained their perilous situation and ethical stance.

They sold every keg within a matter of hours.

They christened the beer Chinga Tu Pelo (Fuck Your Hair).

I was at the time running a little craft beer enthusiast blog with my spouse and a close friend. Seeing the story unfold, and being struck by the sheer tenacity of 5 Rabbit, I wrote up a brief blurb to go on the site. I needed a visual to accompany the text and so made a quick sketch of the name of the beer framed by a rough silhouette of Trump’s too familiar visage.

Following the post I tweeted the image out, tagging the brewery in the process. Minutes later Andres Araya, co-founder of 5 Rabbit, reached out expressing his love of the image and asking if they could use it for shirts. Thus began my involvement on the project creating myriad related designs for the brewery.

In early 2018 One City Films got in touch asking to interview me for a short documentary film about the Chinga Tu Pelo story. They were also interested in making use of some of the visuals I’d made for 5 Rabbit. I subsequently created several animated sequences for the film in a style reminiscent of the original Chinga Tu Pelo design.

F*** Your Hair is now available on video on demand.

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